Pronovias Privee: Velez


Rich lace brocade scattered with subtle sequins create a stunning, timeless wedding gown with a fitted bodice featuring a sweetheart neckline. Perfect for draping the back and shoulders with an elegant sheer veil.

Add a silver or pink Alex Corona crown and Capa LA 210 cape (each sold separately) for the complete look.

Pronovias Size Chart

Buying a dress can be an expensive purchase and doing so with one full payment can be stressful.  With this in mind, we have introduced an "Installment Payment Plan" which makes it easier for our customers to purchase their dream dress.

How it Works:

50% - Today (Non-refundable)

25% - 30 days from Order Date (Non-refundable)

25% - 60 days from Order Date (Non-refundable)

Installment Payment Plan is only available for purchases greater than $800 USD with standard delivery (greater than 12 weeks).  Installment Payment Plan is not available for rush delivery.  Additional fees may apply.

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