Color Options for Enzoani Wedding Dresses Explained

We often get questions from our customers on what does the color option mean for Enzoani wedding dresses, so we have written this article to clarify.  We will use Blue by Enzoani “Natsuko” dress as an example for clarification.

For the Natsuko dress there are three (3) color options available:

  1. Ivory/Beige/Nude
  2. Ivory/Ivory/Ivory
  3. Ivory/Ivory/Nude

The first color is the color of the lace.  The second color is the color of the skirt lining.  The third color is the color of the sheer (see through) material around the bodice.  Below is a picture illustrating the three areas mentioned.

Enzoani Natsuko

For Enzoani wedding dresses where there are only the first and second color, the first color is typically the color of the dress & lace, and the second color is the color of the illusion tulle material.

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