The Do's and Don'ts of Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping

A survey of 500 engaged couples discovered 96% felt stressed planning their weddings. Almost half of the couples said the process was extremely stressful.

But finding the perfect mother of the bride dress does not have to cause tension.

Follow our mother of the bride tips to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping Do's

Back in the day, the mother of the bride wore a matronly or conservative dress. But those days are long gone.

Today, moms can choose from a larger selection of acceptable wedding gowns. As an important member of the wedding party, aim for something you look and feel good in.

That being said, mother of the bride styling can range from sleek evening gowns to trendy jumpsuits.

But whatever dress you choose, you need approval from your blushing bride. It is her special day, after all!

Make It a Collaborative Effort

To ensure both mom and daughter are on the same page, go shopping for bridal gowns together. The bride can pick stylish gowns that look great in photos while you can narrow the selection down to dresses you would feel most comfortable in.

Better yet, discuss dress designs and colors before you hit the stores. That way, you and your daughter are on the same page before stepping inside a wedding dress boutique.

Coordinate With the Mother of the Groom

The mother of the bride isn't the only mom of honor at the wedding. Traditional wedding etiquette recommends the mother of the bride get her dress first, then give the groom's mother the green light.

However, this tradition is a bit outdated and doesn't have to be followed.

Instead, both mothers should talk about the types of dresses and colors they have in mind. Send each other photos and offer helpful feedback. The more communication, the lower your risk of clashing or accidentally buying the same gown.

Consider Wedding Day Factors

The mother of the bride can sport a gorgeous gown, but it should be practical. Take the wedding venue, time of year, weather, formality, and color scheme into consideration when choosing a dress.

Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping Don't's

Just like wedding dresses, there are things to avoid when shopping for the perfect mother of the bride gown.

The most important rule when picking out dresses for the mother of the bride is to avoid unflattering styles.

Don't buy a dress that hugs your curves in all the wrong places. Don't pick a dress in a color that washes out your complexion. Don't choose a dress that you cannot easily walk around in.

Why is this so important? Mothers are going to be in a lot of wedding photos. You want to look back at the pictures and smile, not cringe.

From handling a crisis to mingling with guests, moms also need to be able to move on the wedding day. That's why it crucial to not pick a dress that confines or restricts you (no matter how flattering the dress).

Ready to Say I Do to Your Wedding Gown?

There's a lot to stress about when it comes to weddings. But finding the perfect mother of the bride dress shouldn't be one of them. Just follow our guide and you'll find the dream dress in no time.

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